Phone Systems for Businesses

Here at Softrex we are phone systems experts. With many years of experience, we offer a variety of phone systems & phone services for small, medium & enterprise-level businesses. Our phone system experts offer free advice and can help you choose the business phone system that best fits your business needs.
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How To Choose The Right Phone System For Your Business?

Make the staffing plan. Look at your business plan and decide how many staff members will require a phone three or four years from now. A simple two-line business phone purchased at any electronic store can support four or five staff easily, but if your plan is to hire additional staff, that solution will quickly become unacceptable.

Examine your company's geographic locations. Multiple locations demand a solution that is quite different than one that needs to operate just in a single office. Many phone systems require a piece of expensive hardware in each physical location. If the locations vary in size, you may need to buy a different type of system for each office.

Decide on essential features. Will your company have a receptionist or will callers use an auto-attendant to reach individuals? Do you require conference calling or call forwarding? Is voice mail a necessity? Make a list of your essential features and use it when comparing systems.

Select your telecommunications technology. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems place the phone technology primarily on a piece of hardware that accepts the phone lines from the phone utility. When a caller dials your number, the PBX system routes the call to the correct department or individual.


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